It doesn't get easier, you just get better.

Kathy Lucas, the founder and coach of Kathy Lucas Movement, has over 30 yrs  experience as a dancer, Pilates instructor and unconventional fitness coach and  graduated with a theatre and dance focus from SUNY Brockport. The approach  to her work has been informed by her time and travels to NY, West Africa and Japan. With a passion for cultural connections through traditions, healing and  movement, Kathy has spent over a decade pioneering and developing a series  of programs that fuse various styles of dance to strength training. She is an  Onnit Academy Foundations trainer, Durability Coach and Steel Club Specialist.  The Ithaca Times awarded her “Best Personal Trainer” in its last two votes (2015  and 2019). She was a movement facilitator for the Cornell Leadership weekend  retreats in 2017 and 2018 as well as a workshop leader for Alfred University’s "Take the Leading Role" Performing Arts & Leadership Conference. She has  been invited to present her Steel Club Tango and dance-inspired flow programs  at Total Movement Studios, Seoul, Korea, PRIME studio, Monterey Bay and Wolf  Fitness Systems, Salinas California.



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Locally, Kathy has produced choreographed and performed in several music and dance variety shows at the Community School of Music and Arts, one of which was a fundraising effort for Planned Parenthood. From 2015 she founded “Moxie Kumba”, a dance and drumming group that performed collections of work based in African rhythms, dances and songs. She has taught Dundun, dance, Steel Club Tango and Cabaret workshops in Ithaca and the surrounding areas. Currently, she is co-collaborating with local dancer, Megan Omohundro on a dance series that features 4 local movement and dancers of color who will present solo and group work that reflect their interpretation of racial trauma of past iconic leaders of color and how that trauma has been passed down to present day.

Whether it be individual sessions, group classes, or intensives, she guides students to express strength, beauty, grace and grit. Her teaching is centered in compassion for each unique journey. She has a deep understanding of wellness and illness, and persistence and restorative healing. Kathy is committed to building a community focused on the wellbeing and brilliance of every member.