A wearer of many hats, Erik ESIK Melland is truly a renaissance man. As a talented, and passionate hip hop artist, ESIK produces music that encourages an improved sense of well being and the courage to stand up for one’s values both personally and on a global level. He has created and produced a number of music videos that cut across different genre. As a CST coach and Tacfit instructor, he is of the highest caliber. Diligent in his own training and transformation, Erik strives to bring out the best in his private clients as well as in a class environment.

Erik and I have collaborated on several music, dance and CST-related projects. Our physical and mental transformation through TACFIT and CST became an inspiration which served our art. As this metamorphosis came about, our desire to share this lifestyle became a strong desire to serve community. We aspire to motivate and inspire others to live healthfully, creatively and to make responsible choices that lead to a better world and better way of living. It is our sole belief that “Every action we make has an impact. The choices we make are crucial to future generations.”