Steel Club Foundations

Location: The Hidden Door
27 Main Street Trumansburg NY
Date & Time: January 3, 10, 24, 31st, 6-7:15 pm
Price: $100 series or $25/class
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Originally developed in Ancient Persia as a way to condition soldiers and wrestlers, Steel Clubs are an excellent tool for developing grip strength, shoulder stability and rotational core power. This long lever tool provides a unique challenge for us to connect more deeply to the core while swinging weight three dimensionally. Its unique weight swinging patterns help us to develop greater range of motion, better coordination and a deeper sense of movement awareness. Using Steel Clubs is an excellent way to improve strength, conditioning and balance.

This course is a cumulative series and an excellent prerequisite for Steel Club Tango 1 & 2.

*Steel Club Foundations is offered as (4) 2hr sessions over the course of 4 weeks or (2) 4hr sessions over 2 consecutive days. If interested in hosting this offering, please contact me for more information.