Steel Club Tango I

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Steel Club Tango is an introductory dance and Steel Club fitness workshop/seminar for all levels of movers and fitness enthusiasts. The program combines swinging steel club movements with expressive dance combinations and graceful body-weight sequences. We begin by learning Steel Club techniques and foundations to anchor basic movement sequences which travel across the floor. All of this is topped off with the sensual and alluring expression of tango. The benefits of this introductory workshop include:

  • Enhanced Movement awareness
  • Flexibility and Coordination
  • Overall strength building
  • Stronger and more supple shoulders
  • A deep understanding and connection to core engagement
  • Alignment and postural analysis
  • Grace and flow
  • Expression through dance
  • An empowering and inspiring experience!

*This program is offered as a basic 4hr workshop or an extensive 2-day seminar. If interested in hosting this offering, please contact me for more information.

*Contact Kathy for seminar rates